(VIDEO) 3D Printing – Future of Home Building

Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis presents at TEDxOjai the technology of contour
crafting. Imagined 3d  printing for homes and large scale construction.

Today’s construction has drawbacks

1. It’s labor intensive and inefficient
2. Hazardous job (400,000 injuries per year)
3. Creates too much waste and emissions
4. Corruption prone (poor construction)
5. Costly and always over budget

Khoshnevis says contour crafting can reduce these flaws or potentially eliminate
them completely and improve construction.

Benefits of building neighborhoods with contour crafting

1. build at a fraction of the cost
2. build at a fraction of the time
3. safer
4. maximum architectural flexibility and highest precision
5. 2500 ft. home can be built in 20 hours

3d printing

There are companies applying 3D printing technology to build homes (click here).
Will this be the future of home building? How will this technology disrupt
residential and commercial construction?

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