Remodeling for the Fall Season

By Eric Sapien


As Fall season brings in cooler weather people will be spending more time indoors. It also means family gatherings more often will happen inside the home. Will your home be ready to accommodate more guests? It’s a wonderful idea to start preparing your home now before colder weather arrives. Here is a list on what you could do now:

1. Look at your house and make a list of anything that needs a fix or an update.

2. Decorate the interior with warm and bright colors to make the days less gloomy.

3. Replacing old windows with newer, energy-efficient windows to reduce energy costs and keep your home warm.

4. Check if your roof needs any repair before the rainy season or the first snowfall comes.

5. Clean, repair gutters or install new ones.

6. Temperatures in the fall are warm enough to work outside to add a new coat of paint to your house.

7. Days have less light during Fall. Find out how to light up the house. Maybe even add a window to a wall that doesn’t have one.

8. Adding skylights and window doors bring in natural light and brighten the interior even during cloudy days.

9. There’s a lot of hustling baking and cooking starting in the month of November. You can make the kitchen feel less stressful and more inviting. Perhaps it’s time to remodel and show off a new kitchen to your guests. But if your budget is tight you can do one of the following; place new tile, repaint the kitchen, add new cabinets or paint them, move in a table to add workspace or install new countertops.

10. Since children will spend more time inside give them an area to play. An addition or expanding a room will give them enough space.

11. Update the family room

12. Will your home be ready to welcome guests especially as Thanksgiving gets closer? Building a guest room for the in-laws, a larger dining room or a bigger kitchen might be a great idea.

Finish any home improvement plans you have right now before severe weather sets in. By the time winter comes the project will be completed and you’ll be inside drinking hot chocolate enjoying time with the family.

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