The Famous Painter

January 23, 2015

By Eric Sapien     It was the middle of June the summer of 2000 in Southern California, the skating culture had reached new heights in America, the real Slim Shady was standing up and I had finished 7th ...


(VIDEO) 3D Printing – Future of Home Building

April 23, 2014 Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis presents at TEDxOjai the technology of contour crafting. Imagined 3d  printing for homes and large scale construction. Today's construction has ...


Green Roofs

October 21, 2013

By Eric Sapien Green roofs are self-explanatory. This method of placing gardens on roofs provides an alternative to lowering pollution and  brings nature's colors to cities. Pair green roofs with green walls to create  ...


Green Walls

October 12, 2013

By Eric Sapien Recently I discovered the concept of green walls. They are walls covered with vegetation which blend  architecture and botany. Buildings look as if they are alive and breathing. This could be an answer for ...


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